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How to crack SSB in first attempt.


 How to crack SSB in first attempt.

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Part 1 : Never take SSB interview as an interview, rather, take it as a conversation between you and say your uncle SAM. You know SAM uncle is frank, cordial and expects you to be the same. You are Free with him. You can talk to him on every topic. Whatever you feel you tell him without any fear. The moment you think that SAM uncle is there to test you and give you marks, you become conscious! Thus, never feel that way! Just be normal, simple and truthful. Truthful means saying what it is, rather than what it ought or should be! So, next time Uncle SAM asks you “Do you get angry?”…Just tell him what the case is without judging yourself. In life, we all get angry. There is nothing bad about anger. It’s natural. It is what makes us Human! A human without anger is Buddha! Are you Buddha? No! We are just simple beings, natural humans! If your interviewing officer were to select a person who doesn’t feel angry only, then they must not expect army personnel, in future, to get angry when their mates are martyred. So, the key for the interview is BEING HUMAN. The moment you try to show that you are a leader, you try to develop false confidence in yourself and say to yourself again and again “Be positive no matter what”, and the result is that for a simple question asked by the interviewer in SSB, we try to hide our natural tendency and say “No sir! I never get angry”. Remember! Uncle SAM knows everything! It is just you who think that I was positive in interview and hence I twisted the question in my way by burying it in the ground. You didn’t bury it in ground! Rather you covered with a transparent FAKE cover! Everything is visible to uncle SAM. What all is visible to uncle SAM. Uncle SAM knows that Humans feel angry, they feel sad, they feel anxiety, they had a bad past, they regret things etc. In TAT, we choose the person who is sad and write a story how he came up and lead a better life. Then why not in interview? If you were sad about your past grades, then it’s okay! Uncle SAM doesn’t want A PERSON OF THE PAST BUT PERSON OF TODAY. Yet, the person of today might again feel sad because feeling sad, angry is a human tendency! Name any one colonel or brigadier that you know who don’t feel angry over his kids’ bad performance at school OR don’t feel upset for him not getting promoted. But yes, Be mindful of your tendency! Come out of negativity like anger, sadness as quickly as possible! If you fail today, feel sad, but this sadness shouldn’t become depression for years! Uncle SAM also knows that humans feel cold in winters and hot in summer times. If that is the case, then, WHY did you say to him when you entered the interview room that you didn’t feel cold when you were In GTO uniform in the months of January at AFSB Dehradun, when he asked you “Hey? Not feeling cold?” Probably at that question you just became clever and thought “IF I TELL HIM THE TRUTH, I WILL NOT BE A LEADER BECAUSE LEADERS NEVER FEEL COLD OR HOT”. You played the game there, didn’t you? And then bragged in your room and mess by saying “Interview was fantastic. I gave all natural answers”. 

PART 2 : Every question asked in interview is an intention. The intention, if you get it wrong takes your interview to another path. You must ask yourself WHY THIS QUESTION? The reason most of the times unravels the intention. Suppose you visit any cold region like Leh or Srinagar, and you come across water pipelines at houses covered with some material, the inherent tendency of human mind will be to ask “WHY THIS COVERING?” If we asks ourselves, we might get the answer maybe, in winters the water might get frozen up and hence a covering keeps the heat intact in pipes and so, water may flow with ease. Thus, reasoning is the key! Develop the habit to ask WHY? Why some religions not burn but bury? Maybe the place at which that particular religion was born, was deserted? And hence less trees? And thus, burying could have been the only possibility? Then why do Parsis leave the dead body to hills and not bury or even burn? Maybe the religion was born at a place where the ground was rocky and hence couldn’t be dug up nor had enough trees to burn. Thus, leaving it like that on a rocky place was the only solution! Think about it! Reasons are there for every act. But are we willing to sharpen the reasons? But in interview the questions are in rapid fire, there we get very little time to even reason out! But we do reason out! Interview goes on with a shared Empathy! Getting the right intention is the key! For e.g. The interviewer asks you about your time table. But why this question? Does he want to know if I have free time for him for a cup of coffee? No! Maybe he is looking for responsibility, planning the day, social aspects, activities related to generating awareness like newspaper reading etc. Why the interviewing officer asked me about my Mother’s quality? Isn’t it my interview? Then why Her quality? Maybe, he wants to SEE ME, what I SEE in my mother! E.g. a small child will see dolls and candies in a trade fair and a gentleman would probably see more books in that fair. What we see in others as qualities probably tell us about our quality. That is why he is so interested in my mother’s quality. My mother’s quality can be more than 100 but what I PREFER to tell out of those 100 which mirrors my quality is the key. We are no more fascinated by dolls and toys, but Jobs, careers, education etc. YOU WILL SEE IN OTHERS WHAT YOU ARE. Why the interviewer asks Tell me something about your place? Does he want to visit that place (Wrong reasoning), But yes, maybe, he wants to KNOW what I SEE AROUND when I am located at a place! What do I prefer to tell him? Whatever I say about a place is what MARKING me as an individual! He is not interested in DELHI, BANGALORE. Uncle SAM is interested in YOU. WHATEVER YOU TELL, IS ALL WHAT YOU TOLD ABOUT YOU ONLY! Why the Interviewing officer asks you to be the SDM of your district and HOW you will PLAN out administration? He probably wants to see your level of planning and what all you can imagine as problems! Why he says, suppose your are the captain of your school, tell me how you will plan a farewell or annual day? Think about it! Catch the intention! 

(Part-3): In the Rapid Fire, the interviewing officer asks you “who is your favourite teacher and why?” Now here, if you are NDA aspirant, then tell your current teacher of say class 12th and if you are for a graduate level entry, the tell the name of the teacher who was in graduation and if you are already doing post graduation, then tell the name of the teacher of your post graduation. The reason why you SHOULD tell your current teacher is that our liking should be of current scenario (WHO IS YOUR FAV. TEACHERS) and we cannot say sir, my favourite teacher was of Nursery class, Miss MARY was my favourite teacher. Yes, we did like Miss MARY but when our mind was of class nursery. Now, the mind is mature and the liking should be mature only! Now comes the main part, WHY the teacher is favourite. The teacher should be favourite because of her OBJECTIVELY GOOD QUALITIES. These qualities can be like “Planning the lecture well, in depth knowledge of subject, thought clarity, asked questions, good reasoning ability, energetic etc” It shouldn’t be “He helped me, He taught me well, When I was in pain, he called me in front row, he always gave us leave, he was not strict etc”. The teacher should be good because he/she was good in-itself and NOT JUST FOR YOU! That means if the teacher is good because the teacher helped you, means whoever helps you is good otherwise not! The teacher should be good for teaching qualities and not for “He/she dressed well”. Now, moving on, If the interviewing officer asks you okay! So MR. X was your favourite teacher! Now give me his bad quality! NOW THIS IS THE TIME MANY CANDIDATES IN ORDER TO ESCAPE SAY “SIR! HE DIDN’T HAVE A BAD QUALITY”. This is pure escapism. Think and tell! Did he smoke? Did he talk too much? Did he brag too much? Did he have a poor handwriting? Did he not listen to student’s query? It can be anything! But should be something to be told to the interviewing officer! Be honest! Be courageous! If you, after telling good qualities escape then obviously you are being too diplomatic. Also, don’t say like this “Although he was a good teacher but his bad quality was…” (The highlighted bold words are said unnecessarily to look good). Never do it! Don’t say like this also “Sir! Honestly speaking he used to brag a lot” (again the highlighted words are said unnecessarily). Sometimes we even say “Sir! You won’t believe but my teacher was too talkative” (what was the use of saying the highlighted bold words). KEEP IT SIMPLE. BE STRAIGHT. HE WAS TALKITIVE, HE USED TO BRAG, HE DIDN’T HAVE GOOD WRITING. THAT IS IT. DON’T PUT MANY OWRDS BEFORE AND AFTER! KEEP IT TO THE POINT. UNCLE SAM UNDERSTANDS YOU! 

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